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Call for Paper - September – 2023 Edition   

(SJIF Impact Factor: 5.966) (IJIFACTOR 3.8, RANKING: A+) (PIF: 3.460)

IJATCA solicits original research papers for the September – 2023 Edition.
Last date of manuscript submission is September 30, 2023.


Modified Energy Efficient Transmission State MAC Protocol for improving link Stability in MANET- A Review

Volume: 9 Issue: 1
Year of Publication: 2022
Authors: Er. Jaspreet Singh, Dr. Parveen Kakkar


Mobile adhoc network are flexi-mobile, they use wireless connections to connect to various networks. An ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a network without central epicentre. The automated factor means that any mobile nodes can join or leave the network at any point of time when they want which causes many prob like Qos parameters is affected The EETS is the improved version of AODV protocol for path recovery in mobile adhoc networks. In the EETS protocol, when the mobile node change its location then link failure occurred in the network. The EETS protocols works on the node connectivity factor for the link recovery. When any node detects link failure in the network, then the node with which maximum number of nodes is connected is selected as the best node for link recovery. The EETS protocol performs well in terms of certain parameters but for the link recovery it donot include quality of service parameters. In this research work, improvement in the EETS protocol will be proposed by applying quality of service parameters for path recovery & Better Link Stability in mobile adhoc networks. The quality of service parameters are like Overhead, Energy consumption and delay.


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