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Call for Paper - December – 2022 Edition   

(SJIF Impact Factor: 5.966) (IJIFACTOR 3.8, RANKING: A+) (PIF: 3.460)

IJATCA solicits original research papers for the December – 2022 Edition.
Last date of manuscript submission is December 30, 2022.


Adomian Decomposition Method for Nonlinear Thermal Convection Flow of a Nanofluid Between Vertical Channel with Radiation Effect

Volume: 1 Issue: 1
Year of Publication: 2019
Authors: Ch. RamReddy, Abhinava Srivastav


The main objective of this work is to investigate the effect of thermal radiation on nonlinear mixed convective flow of a nanofluid between two vertical parallel plates. The governing equations are transformed into a system of nonlinear differential equations using suitable non-dimensional transformations. The resulting differential equations are solved using an efficient Adomian decomposition method. The effects of the physical parameters on the developments of flow, temperature, nanoparticle volume fraction, heat transfer and nanoparticle mass transfer characteristics between parallel plates are given and the salient features are discussed. The combined effects of change in different physical parameters on different profiles are displayed graphically and quantitatively.


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Adomian Decomposition Method, Thermal Radiation, Nanofluid, Nonlinear Thermal Convection.

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