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Call for Paper - December – 2022 Edition   

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IJATCA solicits original research papers for the December – 2022 Edition.
Last date of manuscript submission is December 30, 2022.


Natural convection flow in a vertical channel with inclined magnetic field and Soret effects

Volume: 1 Issue: 1
Year of Publication: 2019
Authors: K. Kaladhara, K. Madhusudhan Reddy, D. Srinivasacharya


The thermal diffusion and inclined magnetic field effects on free convection flow through a channel are investigated. This study includes the influence of hall current also.Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM)is applied to get solution of the dimensionless governing equations those were transformed by similarity transformations from the system of governing partial differential equations. Influence of all the emerging numbers of this study on all the profiles were presented through plots.


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Natural convection, Inclined magnetic field, Soret effect, HAM.

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