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Call for Paper - December – 2022 Edition   

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IJATCA solicits original research papers for the December – 2022 Edition.
Last date of manuscript submission is December 30, 2022.



Volume: 1 Issue: 1
Year of Publication: 2019
Authors: Mohd.Riyazuddin, Y.V.K. Ravi Kumar, M.V.Ramana Murthy


This article deals with the peristaltic pumping of 4th grade fluid through porous medium in an inclined channel with variable viscosity under the influence of slip condition. In the acquired solution expressions the long wavelength & low Reynolds number assumptions are utilized and it is noticed that we observed that pressure rise increases with the increase in and axial velocity decreases with increase in values of . and axial velocity decreases with increase in values of .


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4th grade fluid, porous channel, slip condition, peristaltic pumping.

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