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Call for Paper - December – 2022 Edition   

(SJIF Impact Factor: 5.966) (IJIFACTOR 3.8, RANKING: A+) (PIF: 3.460)

IJATCA solicits original research papers for the December – 2022 Edition.
Last date of manuscript submission is December 30, 2022.


Hall and Ion-Slip Effects on MHD Free Convection Flow through An Oscillatory Porous Medium With Constant Suction Velocity And Radiation

Volume: 1 Issue: 1
Year of Publication: 2019
Authors: K.V.B.Rajakumar, P. V. Sivaji, K. S. Balamurugan


Current work focused on perturbation method for the influence of Hall and Ion-slip current on unsteady Magneto Hydrodynamic free convection flow through an oscillatory porous medium with constant suction velocity and chemical reaction in sway of radiation. The numerical outcomes involved in velocity, Skin friction, temperature, Nusselt number, concentration as well as Sherwood number are demonstrated graphically for pertinent parameters entering into the problem. It is revealed that the velocity as well as Skin friction declined with the enhancement of Hall and ion-slip current. Meanwhile temperature diminished with the rise in Prandtl number, but contrast result was eventuated in case of Nusselt number. In addition Concentration and Sherwood number decremented with ascend in chemical reaction as well as Schmidt number.


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Prandtl number, Hall, Ion-slip current, Perturbation method.

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