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Footprint Analysis for Comparative Study of Populations

Volume: 5 Issue: 1
Year of Publication: 2018
Authors: Aayush Dhunna, Uttam Singh, Dr. Priyanka Verma, Nidhi


In the past many studies have been conducted to estimate age, sex, stature, etc. of an individual from footprints. Footprint is one important evidence which cannot be erased completely since "it needs to go somewhere to do something". In present study, inked footprints of the individuals of Himachal Pradesh and Delhi were studied to get an idea of the basic differences between the footprints of the two communities. Measurements of various angles and lengths were performed using protectors and scales. Various parameters were set and analyzed. It was observed that parameters foot breadth, foot length, alpha angle, etc. gave good significant results whereas first toe length,phalange marks and foot index, etc. gave non- significant results when the two populations were compared. Various statistical formulas were applied and it was observed that, 11 out of 25 parameters gave significant results. This study suggests that using these 11 significant parameters, an expert can get an estimate of whether the footprint found at any crime scene belongs to Delhi population or Himachal Pradesh population.


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Forensic Science, Anthropometry, Stature, Region.


International Standard Serial Number ( ISSN )

ISSN: 2395-3519

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